ConfiGAP is an application designed to help you create the config.xml files used by Adobe® PhoneGap™ Build. If you have ever used PhoneGap Build, you know that creating the config.xml file can be a complex chore. ConfiGAP was built to make that process a bit easier.

Download (v1.3.12)

Easy to Use

ConfiGAP is designed to allow you to quickly generate the config.xml file used by PhoneGap Build servers.

Config Platform Specific Settings

Define the various settings for each specific mobile platform.

Icon and Splash Screens

Quickly set and preview each of your application’s icons and splash screens for each specific mobile platform.


Configure the device permission settings for both Android and Windows Phone applications.

Version History

1.3.12Fixed some minor issues (Apr 18)
1.3.11Added PhoneGap 3.4 support, fixed some minor issues (Apr 3)
1.3.10Fixed a Windows Phone issue (Feb 21)
1.3.9Fixed a Plugin issue (Jan 29)
1.3.8Added support for PhoneGap 3.2 & 3.3 (Jan 28)
1.3.7Fixed another issue with platform switching (Dec 12)
1.3.6Fixed an issue with platform switching (Dec 7)
1.3.5Updated WinPhone support (Nov 22)
1.3.3Added Android-TargetSK support and redesign the Advanced Settings Screen. Fixed core plug-in namespacing (Oct 30)
1.3.3Added PhoneGap 3.1 support. (Oct 25)
1.3.2Added Windows Phone 8 Build support. (Oct 20)
1.3.1Fixed an issue with splash screen support. (Oct 7)
1.3.0Initial PhoneGap 3.0 support [Specific build platforms, core API, additional icon sizes) (Oct 3)
1.2.7Fixed an issue on Windows 7 and added saving developer information (July 30)
1.2.6Default Icon support, Access Element support, and new Plugin xml format (July 17)
1.2.5PhoneGap 2.9 support + minor bug fixes (June 27)
1.2.4File Menu Support, Splash Screen redesign (June 12)
1.2.2Bug fixes (May 27)
1.2.1Android SDK labeling, Access Elements (May 21)
1.2.0Bug fixes. Dropped support for PhoneGap version 1.9 and lower (May 4)
1.1.9Bug fixes (Apr 26)
1.1.8Bug fixes, asset path issues resolved (Apr 17)
1.1.7Support for PhoneGap 2.5 (Apr 11)
1.1.6Added support for additional application settings (Mar 30)
1.1.5Now supporting Facebook Connect Plugin (Feb 5)
1.1.4Support for Generic Push Plugin (Jan 25)
1.1.3Windows Phone Permissions added, Plugin support (Nov 20, 2012)
1.0Initial release (August 23, 2012)
Download ConfiGAP(v1.3.12)